Appointment of Dr. Arun Kasi as Arbitrator

(Under terms of LMAA, SCMA, etc)

A. Dr. Arun Kasi accepts appointment:

     1) From parties/parties’ solicitors as Original Arbitrator.

     2) From Original Arbitrators as Third Arbitrator/Umpire.

B. If you wish to appoint Dr. Arun Kasi as arbitrator under the terms of:

     1) LMAA (including ICP and SCP).

     2) SCMA (including SCP, SCB and SEADOCC).

    3) Other Arbitral Rules/Ad Hoc Arbitration.

please email to him (via from your official email id:

    1) Names of the parties involved and their places of incorporation.

    2) Names of the Vessels involved and the port of their registration.

    3) Subject matter in outline only (eg. NYPE Charterparty – Performance Claim).

    3) Contact person’s direct/mobile number and time zone for contact if necessary.

    3) Details of urgency and timeline required, if any.

C. We will perform a Conflict Check and return to you, usually within 24 hours and in most cases in less than 12 hours.

D. If the Conflict Check confirms there is no conflict, the subject matter and any required timeline are suitable for Dr. Arun Kasi, he will express his willing to accept the appointment and terms of appointment can then be discussed and finalised.

E. A remote video meeting will be arranged where necessary.