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by Dr. Arun Kasi

What is in this Bulletin?

  • For Economic Loss, is there a liability limit?
  • If so, is it calculated based on the entire cargo that suffered the economic loss?
  • Or based only on the cargo that suffered physical damage?

Bulletin of

Arun Kasi & Co

International Maritime Lawyers

Arbitrators/Arbitration Counsel under LMAA/SCMA terms

Bulletin No. MLB 13/2023

26 January 2023

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The “Thorco Lineage” [2023] EWHC 26 (Comm): Hague-Visby Rules liability limitation extends to economic loss; The “Limnos” [2008] 2 Lloys’d Rep. 186 not followed

Dr. Arun Kasi & Kishore Sharma