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by Dr. Arun Kasi

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  • Maersk A/S v Mercuria Energy Trading SA”_ [2021] EWHC 2856 (Comm)
  • Factors to consider for Anti-Suit injunction.

Bulletin of

Arun Kasi & Co

International Maritime Lawyers

Arbitrators/Arbitration Counsel under LMAA/SCMA terms

Bulletin No. MLB 14/2023

06 February 2023

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Maersk A/S v Mercuria Energy Trading SA” [2021] EWHC 2856 (Comm): Anti-Suit Injunction granted as a matter of course when cargo claim instituted in breach of exclusive jurisdiction clause if foreign proceedings have not advanced too far - forum conveniens is no answer

Dr. Arun Kasi & Kishore Sharma