Conveyancing Software (ELM)

ELM (Conveyancing Module)

The Legal Works Automation Software

Programmed by : Arun Kasi
Marketed by : Electropay (M) Sdn. Bhd. (611945-K)
In Market since : 2011

Background of Arun Kasi

Arun Kasi has been programming software since his age of 13. The range of software that he has programmed includes basic Tamil text editor, wholesale management software with basic accounting features, POS, etc. He has employed his skills as both as practising lawyer and as a programmer to develop this unique software on a very practical basis.

Why ELM?

User Friendly, Simple and Intelligent

ELM forms are highly user friendly, graphical, simple and intelligent.

It is simple for even use by staff with little legal experience.

It understands you as you key-in particulars and it even makes guesses and auto-fills its forms for your wherever possible.

It takes just about 20 minutes to key-in its Conveyancing Form, and that is all it requires to generate the below listed documents at a single click!

Auto-generated Documents (with single click)

• CHKT 1A, CHKT 2A, CHKT 3, CHKT 502, Lampiran 4.
• PUAs.
• Appointment / Acknowledgment Letters, Vacant Possession Letter, No-Caveat Letter.
• SPA, DOA, DRR, Tenancy Agreement cover pages.
• Form 19B, 19G, 14A and 16N.
• Form 41, 42B, 43, CCM Lodgement Form.
• Borang I (change of name in Assessment account).
• PDS 1
• Statutory Declarations
• Redemption Authorisation Letter
• Vendor’s Undertaking to Refund
• … many more

Automated Quotation

Once the Conveyancing Form is keyed-in, it is merely a click away to generate quotation for your clients !

Automated Apportionment

Just spend five minutes to answer a simple form of questions and your apportionment statement is generated !

Figures and Dates Workings

It keeps working figures and dates in the file, and generates report of price / loan composition in detail at any time.

Basic File Ledger

It comes with built-in basic file ledger too.

Status Management and Reports

It automatically generates and manages status, prompts reminders, delivers daily to-do list, auto-captures events.

It has utmost easy, simple and user-friendly system of feeding in to-do items, closing the to-do items, and event tracking.

It also auto feeds to-do items.

That is not all ! Many more reports like non-moving files report, pending-adjudication report, profit-earned report, staff’s report to boss (that shows the status and movement of every file with details of work performed by the staff for the selected duration on each), etc.

Email, Letter and Template Management

It takes a click at email or letter icon at the relevant parties to send them email or letter. System pre-formats and pre-fills the email or letter composer with relevant particulars, letter-head, address particulars, file caption, cc particulars, your firm’s particulars, etc.

What is left out for you to type is only the net content of the email or letter. Even more, it gives you a rich collection of ready letter/email templates that you can fill in to create your letters/ emails. Letter/email templates are flexible and you can modify the mast templates and add more templates of your own too !

If opted, all letters will be automatically emailed to relevant cc parties, such as the client. And if it is opted, all letters and emails written by your staff will be auto-emailed to you for you to keep track of your staff’s correspondences.

All letters and emails are parked within the ELM file for your easy retrieval !

Terrorist Checking & Money Laundering Alerts

It helps your compliance with Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing regulations.

It automatically performs a check of the parties for any identified risk of money laundering and terrorism, and provides alerts where applicable. It also generates this compliance report for every file.


It is rich with calculators that a conveyer needs !

They are:

• Conveyancing Date Calculator
• Conveyancing Fees and Costs Calculator

It takes less than 30 seconds for an user with little legal experience to tell basic costs to a client with this calculator !

Online Links

It has a rich collection of useful online hyperlinks that a conveyancer needs.

Punch Card

It has a built-in punch card system, that is much more than a conventional punch card machine. It records the reasons for late-coming staff. It generates punch-card reports.


User Controls

It has a rich user-control interface. Users can be set with their respective authority level.

Backup Management

Advanced backup management system.



Disclaimer: Features may differ from time to time. Please check with Electropay about features are available at present time.