Free Consultancy by Dr. Arun Kasi

(Maritime Disputes)

We will be happy to provide Free Consultancy on Maritime Disputes and in certain cases, particularly Charter Disputes, a Brief Written Opinion. If the Brief Written Opinion is given, it will include the relevant authorities and LMAA awards precedents.

If you wish to obtain a Free Consultancy/Brief Written Opinion, please follow the below procedure.

A. Email to Dr. Arun Kasi (via from your official email id:

     1) Names of the parties involved and their places of incorporation.

     2) Names of the Vessels involved and the port of their registration.

     3) Subject matter in outline only (eg. NYPE Charterparty – Performance Claim).

     4) Contact person’s direct/mobile number and time zone for contact if necessary.

B. We will perform a Conflict Check and return to you, usually within 24 hours and in most cases in less than 12 hours.

C. If the Conflict Check confirms there is no conflict, please email the following:

     1) A brief write-up of the dispute.

     2) A brief chronology of events (preferably).

     3) ALL the relevant documents.

    4) If Consultancy/Opinion is needed urgently, eg. to arrest a vessel, please state the same.

D. Dr. Arun Kasi will endeavour to return as soon as possible, in most cases not exceeding one week.

E. A remote video meeting will be arranged where necessary.

F. Subsequently if you wish to appoint us to act in the matter, due diligence exercise will be carried out and fees, etc discussed and finalised.